Better corona protection and air...

Better corona protection and air hygiene for the food in-dustry

The 4+1 safety concept protects people and products

The 4+1 safety concept protects people and products
The 4+1 safety concept protects people and products

Better corona protection and air hygiene for the food industry
The 4+1 safety concept protects people and products

As the coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated, protection from infection is one of the most important challenges to the food industry alongside food safety. This is particularly applicable for the processing of meat, fish and dairy products. weisstechnik hygienic air-conditioning solutions with their 4+1 safety concept provide reliable protection from viruses, mould and bacteria. The optional VOC module provides additional protection from unpleasant odours and their consequences.

Secure air hygiene reliably

Viruses, bacteria and spores are almost everywhere. They spread particularly well in closed rooms where many people are present and food is processed. Examples of these include slaughterhouses, fish processing plants and dairies. weisstechnik hygienic air-conditioning solutions with multi-level safety concept have been designed for use in rooms occupied by persons in the medical field and fulfil the highest safety standards. This makes them ideal for use in the food processing industry too. They reliably protect employees and products from hazards caused by airborne micro-organisms.

Adapt safety flexibly

The hygienic air-conditioning solutions can be individually adapted. The safety levels can be freely chosen according to hygiene requirements, the system performance is scaled to match the room size. For this reason, the hygienic cooling systems can be used in small break and changing rooms just as well as in production halls and packaging areas. Installation is possible as a recessed, sub-structure or mobile solution. Furthermore, combination with an existing on-site cooling system is possible.

Protection through multi-stage safety concept

At the heart of weisstechnik hygienic air-conditioning solutions is the 4+1 safety concept which is effective against coronavirus among other things. A very fine H14 airborne particle filter filters 99.995 % of all airborne particles out of the air during operation, and UVC radiators reliably kill micro-organisms deposited on the filter. The anti-microbial coating of the inner plates confines micro-organisms to an even greater extent. In recirculating air cooling systems, phases when the system is at a standstill are critical in terms of hygiene: the condensate produced as a result of cooling can develop a biofilm which in turn provides an ideal breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and mould. With hygienic air-conditioning systems, this is prevented by the fourth safety stage - innovative thermal disinfection.

Innovative thermal disinfection

Thermal disinfection heats all the relevant installed parts in sequence over 10 minutes to approx. 70 °C, thus drying out the biofilm and reliably making micro-organisms harmless. The recirculating cooling devices are suitable for mobile monitoring or automatic monitoring via the central building management system. This monitoring not only includes the advance indication of maintenance work such as filter replacement, but also displays fault message in order to offer the greatest possible safety while keeping personnel deployment to a minimum.


Additional protection from volatile compounds – VOC

Volatile organic compounds (VOC) are another important problem for the food industry. They not only lead to unpleasant odours but also have a lasting influence on product quality and product safety. For this reason, there is also an air purifier module available as an additional option for the hygienic air-conditioning solutions. This filters unpleasant odours out of the air and decomposes them into harmless carbon and water. As an efficient and economic alternative to activated carbon filters, the air purifier module also provides further protection from coronavirus.


Fulfil hygiene directives in production and break rooms

weisstechnik hygienic air-conditioning solutions with 4+1 safety concept are suitable for versatile use in production, packaging as well as in break and recreation rooms and ensure suitable and hygienic room cooling. They fulfil the strict hygiene directives of VDI 6022 for ventilation and air-conditioning equipment for rooms occupied by persons. Thanks to a cleverly conceived design, they allow any service and maintenance work due to be performed quickly and easily. The innovative web visualisation also makes it possible to open, monitor and control all installed parts and operating states.


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